Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When Is a Day Off Not a Vacation?

Oh, that's an easy one - when you have to work, of course! Wednesday is a day to honor veterans. It is also a day to appreciate teachers for those of us who are suddenly scrambling to cover a day without school. Yes, this happens every year; you would think we would catch on by now. Anyway, I didn't figure out until Monday that leaving Young Man home along really wasn't going to work. We are in that phase where he is old enough to be alone for a while, but an entire day is pushing it. Learning that lacrosse practice was still on was the final straw. Young Man might be able to stay home, but he wouldn't be able to get to practice. So, I'll be plugged in to work with my biggest fan wondering just when will I get offline so that we can play. Okay, so it was a little fun to watch the faces at work when I reminded them that I wouldn't be in the office tomorrow. I'm evil that way.

At least I can sit and knit during practice. I will get part of the day off and I'll have an excellent lunch companion.

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