Friday, November 27, 2009

A Not So Black Day

We studiously avoided the "Black Friday" madness that seems to have taken hold here. I have no idea if people were actually buying anything today, but the stores were hyping the savings and the doorbusters and that got people waiting in line to get into store openings at 4 a.m. Obviously, the stores were not targeting me because there was nothing in those ads that would have convinced me to crawl out of a warm bed to wait in line with nutcases to go shopping. Mr. Engineer and I decided that we might be tempted if they were offering free bars of gold (Young Man's suggestion), but even that would be a big maybe.

Instead, we had a nice, light breakfast (we were still a bit full from Thursday) and decided to go out for coffee. We did have a momentary lapse of sanity when we thought about going to a local camera store to look at a new lens over which I have been lusting. Then we saw the line stretching out the door (at 10:30 a.m.) and we came to our senses. Instead of elbowing our way into the store, we drove around the area checking out some newly constructed streets and found a coffee shop near a donut shop (Young Man isn't into coffee). Then we headed up to a BevMo! to pick up some assorted soda pops and a 12-pack of Sam Adams Winter Lager. After that we had a nice, quiet lunch and went to see Planet 51. It wasn't the best movie we've seen lately, but it wasn't bad at all. We giggled through it and then headed home.

All in all, it was a nice, quiet, family day. So, I hope all the shoppers had fun. We wouldn't have if we had been shopping, but we really enjoyed our time together.

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