Friday, September 24, 2004

Since you've found my little corner of cyberspace, welcome!

Who am I? That's a bit hard to describe as my image is currently morphing. I create. I used to write and hope that working through my angst here may kick that urge back into gear. I make jewelry and art projects that are bit big to wear, but I do it anyway. I paint. I stitch. I sew. I can also be judged by the company I keep. I'm a mother of an adorable son and the wife of an wonderful man and I have amazing friends.

I love the world and the environment and finally made the huge step of adding a sticker (gasp) to the rear window of my car. It's an REI sticker that I received while cleaning up my local park on Coastal Cleanup day, 18 September 2004. I picked up many annoying bits of trash and more than a few disgusting ones. C'mon people, I'm not going to judge you for having sex, but throw your used condoms in the trash! (Yes, ewwwwww!).

The environment is one of the main reasons that I will NOT, I repeat, NOT be voting for GWBush this November. I am sickened by the way that he and his hoard of fratboys have made mockery of our Environmental Protection Agency. I suspect that GWB only knows the acronym and not its definition. This administration's policies have led to a very perverted sense of protection.