Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Sky - Not So Wet Edition

We were promised rain. The weather people kept hyping storm watch and all that other nonsense that they proclaim whenever there is a hint of a front coming through. I guess they get bored. I certainly would if all I really had to say each day was, "Haven't you figured it out by now? Today will be pretty much like yesterday. Let's go to Sports, shall we?" It's hard to pull in the big bucks when that is all the weather forecasting you really have to do. So our weather people make a big deal out of every barometric change. This one was a bust. Young Man claims that he got hit by a couple of sprinkles as he dashed back from the neighbors', but that was it. I didn't even see any drops on the patio. All we had were a few clouds that raced through in the afternoon. Pretty disappointing actually.

In much more interesting news, we had our second Thanksgiving dinner today. Even though we went out on Thursday, we still picked up all the dinner ingredients. Mr. Engineer roasted the turkey and made gravy and turkey broth on Friday and I made stuffing and a delicious sweet potato recipe today. I also made pumpkin pies for desert. We think we will make mashed potatoes tomorrow and invite the neighbors over so that they can have another feast.

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