Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Now, With More Socks!

Okay, so the socks yesterday were kind of eh. These are a bit better. They are a gift for a friend who doesn't read this blog. They are sparkly and fun and I hope they lift her spirits. The picture really doesn't do them justice.

Yarn: Berocco Comfort Metallic
Needles: US 1 dpns (what else is there?)

Notes: These are knit toe up and that is not really in my usual comfort zone. Still, these turned out pretty good. It was a bit challenging to find a pattern that worked with this yarn, but this pattern definitely breaks up any pooling and the metallic sparkes are just plain fun. The photo looks like the legs are much bigger than the feet. Actually, these fit quite well. The slipped stiches and patterning actually pull in the fabric so there are more stiches around than would normally be used. All in all, this was a quick gift knit and I'm using the pattern again on another yarn that has seemed determined to pool.

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