Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thanksgiving

Today is the big day and I am thankful for many things. At the top of my list is, as always, my family. Mr. Engineer is nodding off in a chair while we watch The Princess Bride. Young Man is playing away on Runescape. We are all happy and content.

I am also very thankful for wonderful neighbors who are also friends. Our next door neighbors are part of the family we have chosen as our extended family. We enjoy holidays together and share our fellowship.

For the first time, I am thankful for restaurants who serve Thanksgiving dinner. Our usual host is recovering from surgery and neither we nor our neighbors felt up to cooking the feast. Instead we went to Marie Callender's and enjoyed a delicious meal and left the dishes to others.

Tonight or tomorrow we will roast the turkey that is thawing in the refrigerator (hey, they are on sale, we couldn't pass up the leftovers) and cook up some of our favorite T-day dishes (stuffing, green beans, gravy, pumpkin pie).

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