Saturday, September 23, 2006

I Can't Wait Until Wednesday

Even though it is Saturday Sky day and not WTF Wednesday, this just couldn't wait. See this?

I know, it just looks like spots. Unfortunately, those spots are actually holes and they are in my bedroom ceiling!!!! Living in Southern California, we realize that we have to pay the price for the weather and the lack of many pests. Unfortunately, the price this week may be high. Those holes are caused by termites and they are eating through the drywall in the ceiling! Seriously. Mr. Engineer has been tasked with getting the house tented ASAP. What a pain.

At least we have socks.

Project: Simple 60-Stitch Stockinette Birthday Socks

Yarn: Koigu KPPPM, 126,

Needles: US1 dpns

Notes: Just a basic sock here for lunchtime knitting. 60-stitch tubular cast-on, eye of the partridge heel, rounded toes. The color is really darker than this picture. I'll try again after the sun comes up. Today isn't my birthday, but I did pick up the yarn for these on my birthday at Amazing Threads.

And the sky is blue, really, really blue.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Coming Soon: Banned Books Week

Just a friendly reminder (or notice, if you haven't heard it before): Banned Books Week is coming soon. 23-30 September is coming fast. Find your favorite banned book and read, read, read!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sky, Trash, and Scarf Time

Today was another beautiful day. The California Chapter of Engineers Anonymous participated in one of our annual public works events. Today was Coastal Clean-up day and we took part in the Inner Coastal Watershed Clean-up activities. The idea is to pick up trash from the creeks before it gets washed into the river and out into the ocean. We picked trash for almost three hours and then helped plant some native plants along the banks of our local creek. We emerged dirty, tired, and happy to have made a noticable difference.

We found the usual collection of broken glass, candy wrappers, straws, and cigarette butts. We also found a few more unusual items. Young Man found a new shoe and a filthy t-shirt. Mr. Engineer found sections of pipe and a comforter hanging from a tree. For most of the cleaning, I was feeling left out in the unusual trash race. Then I went to retrieve the comforter from the tree (it was a short tree and I could reach the comforter from the bank of the creek). I found a telecom punch-down panel and several feet of fiberglass insulation batting.

It felt really good to help out and we were rewarded with a cleaner park and creek as well as t-shirts, pizza and a concert. Wow! We would have done it for free! We'll be back to the park next year.

After cleaning up, it was time for some quiet activities like knitting! It almost feels like fall here, but it is warming up again. I still want to get started on some scarves and I found a clearance sale on Cashsoft DK. I love working with this stuff because it is so very soft. I give you a Saturday Sky (blue, of course) and Interlocking Balloons (in charcoal).

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Sky and Fourth Grade Pressure

Saturday Sky at 8-ish:

The clouds are now gone, but it was fun to see some variety in our sky. Young Man and I are having a quiet day together. We disected an owl pellet and have a date to go to Target (where we will undoubtedly add to our Lego Bionicle collection).

Young Man is recovering from his first week of fourth grade. He says that Friday went the best of the four days and that there was too much pressure this week. Besides the new classroom and teacher, he was invited to a birthday party, and he has been the target of the PE teacher's interest to get him to join the flag football team. Yes, it was a rough week. It certainly started well!

Work for the parents continues to pile it on. In the knitting world, I have returned to the FLAK now that it is cool enough to stand to hold it on my lap. I'm almost finished with the first sleeve. All that moss stitch filler is starting to get to me!

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Last Trek of Summer (and Tales of Woe and Redemption)

This was going to be a glorious, photo-filled tale of the last treks, but, well, let's start at the beginning.

I finished the first of the Gentlemen's Fancy Socks and had a sneaking suspicion that something was amiss. I weighed the first sock and discovered that it came in at 55g. Unfortunately, this left only 45g for the second sock. We all know that no amount of knitting skill will overcome that gap. The LYS that sold me the first skein had no more in stock. A search on line found a retailer that listed two skeins of Trekking #69 in stock. An order was placed. An email was received. They were, in fact, out of stock, but they quickly cancelled my order.

Knitting continued and another search was made. Lo and behold, WEBS had the yarn and, again, it was listed as in stock. A second order was placed, but hopes for completion by Labor Day were slipping. The second sock had a pleasant trek through Legoland on Wednesday with Young Man. The weather was warm, but the crowds were thin. Young Man and I (and the sock) had a lovely time. Just as the yarn was almost gone, we retrieved the Friday mail and WEBS exceeded all expectations and the new skein arrived (note that I have no affiliation with the store; I'm just a very happy first-time customer)! More knitting continued while Young Man played with Legos (you don't suppose that we made it out of Legoland without Legos, do you?).

On Saturday, the sock made its last trek (pre-finishing). This time, it traveled through the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Rays were petted and the sock was surprised to learn that his colorations were quite similar to Young Man's favorite fish, the Porcupine Fish (a.k.a. Pufferfish). And, yes, we do wear tie-dye in public.

The sock was completed after a brief stop in Little Saigon for yummy sandwiches and iced coffee. So, now you may be wondering why I didn't include pictures of the sock on its adventures. I took them, really, I did. Somehow, the pictures were lost in the ether in the transition from camera to computer.

Ah, but the socks are here and ready for more adventures. So, I completed two pairs of Trekking socks during the Trek Along. Very fun and I discovered a yarn that I really like. I now have enough for three more pairs for me. One may be for Young Man as he has expressed an interest in a pair to match Mr. Engineer's.

Pattern: Gentleman's Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: Trekking XXL in #69
Needles: US1 dpns
Notes: I modified the pattern by eliminating the decreases and going up a size in needles. This accomodated Mr. Engineer's size 11 feet which are slightly larger than the pattern size. Wonderful pattern (again, Nancy rocks), wonderful yarn. Great knit!