Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes we are faced with an embarassment of riches from which to choose. My book club is about to select books for the first half of 2010. For January alone, I have to choose between the following classics:

Little Women
O! Pioneers
Peter Pan
Wuthering Heights
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Hard Times
Scarlet Pimpernel
Lord of the Flies

I mean, seriously, who can choose from that list? It just gets worse (or better) as the months go on. It is wonderful to be in a book club made up of people who find interesting titles, but I have no idea how I will decide!

In other decisions, we are getting closer to the time when we have to decide where Young Man will go for high school. Now that is a decision that seemed a long way off when he started school! My parents certainly had it easier when I was heading to high school. There was one in the town; choice made!

We won't even begin to dicuss knitting choices! I went to a local yarn store on Saturday and everyone there understood me when I said that I just needed to come visit a different stash. This is not to say that I didn't add to mine, but I did score some deliciously soft Ultra Alpaca Fine from which a pair of socks are rapidly forming. As much as I wanted to make my 12 sweaters this year, I do not want to disappoint those who look forward to hand knit socks under the tree. Again, finding the perfect pattern was a challenge, but Nancy Bush came to my rescue (again).

Once decision area that has been simplified in our house is television. We haven't had cable for a week now. We are getting used to this, but we all agree that we miss History and Discovery. It is definitely easier to leave the set off without all the channels of temptation. We will get our temptation back at some point. For now we are deciding between cable and AT&T U-verse. More decisions!

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