Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Time Wasters

1. Wandering through Amazon.com and their recommendations for my buying habits - hey, you never know when you will find some new discovery.

2. Ravelry - Oh, my what a time suck this can be! Between the forums and the projects and just digging around, this one is very dangerous.

3. Blog reading - I don't have a super-huge blogroll, but it is enough to keep me unproductive for a long time.

4. Checking email - maybe if I check every five minutes, someone will write to me (yes, this does make me feel as pathetic as I did in junior high).

5. Channel surfing - this one requires wresting control of a remote from one of the two males in the household. Young Man can hold his own with Mr. Engineer for King of the Channel Surfers. It's not that there is anything on, but we just surf away.

6. Deadliest Catch marathons on Discovery Channel - I can watch the Hansen and Hillstrand brothers and the rest of the guys any night. Wait, isn't it Deadliest Catch night tonight?

7. National Treasure (the first one) on DVD - I really can't count how many times we have watched this one, but I always enjoy it.

8. Hiding in my craft room - I may say that I'm cleaning or working on a project, but the odds are good that I'm just checking in with my stash of yarn, fabric, patterns, or books.

9. Free Cell - solitaire is a real time waster, but this one at least keeps me thinking that I'm using my brain.

10. Bookworm - another useless time suck, but I love seeing how well I can do.

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