Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Sky Through Persimmon Leaves

This is the view out the front door this evening. The sky was sort of hazy all day, but it was a very nice spring day. The trip to the dentist proved only mildly painful and the offending bit of whatever it was has been removed. My gums feel better already. The family spent the afternoon at the park. Young Man has been making gigantic paper airplanes so he wanted to fly them off of a bike trail bridge into the creek bed. Since the creek is dry and easily accessible, repeat flights were possible.

The late evening found us back at the lacrosse field for the weekly game. The game started at 8:30 p.m. and that is a little too late for even my camera. Young Man didn't get as much playing time as usual and the entire team seemed a little off their game. The boys played the same team as last week, but it appeared that the other team came ready to play. They started off quickly with two goals. Our boys made that up, but the other team kept scoring. The third quarter started with a score of 4-8. The fourth quarter was by far the best for our boys, but it wasn't enough. The final score was 7-9. Young Man's school friend did get a hat trick and the boys never gave up even when the score differential was enough for Young Man's team to receive possession without face offs. The boys played hard to the end and that is always great to see. They need to do more passing practice so that may happen this week.

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