Friday, May 09, 2008

Is It Friday Already?

How did that happen?

1. Is it just me or is time moving at warp speed this year?
2. I feel like I just finished Wednesday and it is already time to wrap up the week.

Friday nights means football in some areas, but it is lacrosse night out here.
1. Tonight we watched a lacrosse game together as a family (mostly) for a change.
2. We saw the CIF southern section championship game and it was cool.
3. Varsity boys play lacrosse FAST!
4. Seeing the goalie get an assist on a goal is pretty amazing.
5. When the goalie runs over 3/4 of the field to assist with the goal you get a distinct feeling that the team is showing off.
6. It was very, very cool to see the high school team coached by Young Man's club team coach win the game 11-7.
7. Young Man had a great time seeing a lot of his teammates.
8. It is fun for Young man's parents to see him hanging with his buddies.
9. Yes, we know that he will not always want to sit in the stands with his parents.
10. We are really looking forward to Saturday's game.

The game was a nice way to keep my mind off of Saturday morning.
1. I am not at all looking forward to Saturday morning when I go to the dentist.
2. I like my dentist, but I don't like going when I had to have an appointment squeezed in.
3. I really don't like needing an appointment because of a toothache.
4. Hopefully, the problem is just something caught under a crown.
5. This crown has been a real pain since day one and has already been replaced once.
6. Pending dental work makes me very nervous.
7. Even knowing that I will get lots of knitting time while waiting isn't helping.

Sometimes even knitting leaves me off-kilter.
1. I am making the Bellatrix socks by Monkey toes (pattern available on Ravelry).
2. It is a pretty strange pattern.
3. I can't decide if the one finished sock looks better inside out or rightside out.
4. The yarn is a first time for me as well.
5. I bought Happy Feet from a local store during their big parking lot sale.
6. Even carded, spun, plied, and dyed, the yarn still smells very much like the sheep from which it came.
7. I really hope that a good washing will clean out the sheep scent.

It's time for more ibuprofen.

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