Friday, May 30, 2008

Eye Candy Friday

Today's eye candy comes in the form of a proud mom moment. Last night Young Man's school held their annual sports banquet. We were happy with the school's sports program even before Young Man decided to join a team. Once we had the full experience, we are even more impressed. This is a small school that is part of a small league of small schools. While some of the schools have tryouts for the teams, ours takes all comers. All children are welcomed and all are equally encouraged. No, the school's teams aren't usually winners on the scoreboard, but they are definitely winners on and off the field. I doubt if the children realize just how lucky they are to have such positive and supportive coaches.

Each child gets a certificate of participation and a certificate recognizing something that he or she did in a game. The children aren't given a ton of trophies just for showing up, but two trophies are handed out for each sport: Most Improved and Best Teamwork. These two coveted awards reward the characteristics that we expect sports to develop. We were so proud of all the children at the banquet. The big bonus for Young Man was that he was the recipient of the Most Improved trophy for soccer! This was his first season and he impressed everyone with his field awareness and no fear attitude. Way to go!

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