Saturday, May 03, 2008

And the Sun Sets On Another Saturday

It was a beautiful day today. It was a little warm, but not too warm. We made a quick trip through the Farmers' Market again this weekend for more delicious tangerines and strawberries. This time I remembered to pick up some tomatoes and Mr. Engineer got his Tabbouleh. Much of the day was spent cleaning in preparation for the arrival of two of Young Man's friends from school. The three had just long enough for a bit of playing before dinner and a dash to the lacrosse field where Young Man and one of the children had a game.

Tonight's game was much anticipated. The opponent was another of the three teams fielded by the team that won last week's second match. This team was also undefeated, but the three teams they had played were the same three teams that Young Man's team had also won against. It was definitely a good match. Both teams played very well. The opposing team was better at connecting on their passes, but they made too many fouls and spent too much time playing one down. Young Man's team played together as a team extremely well. They are starting to know and trust each other and it really shows.

Still, the opposing team was able to score quickly and Young Man's team came back with an answering goal. The opposing team then made two more goals and our boys made one. Because all of tonight's games started very late, they ran 20-minute halves instead of the more typical 15-minute quarters. This made for some tense moments as the clock ticked away in the second half. Finally, Young Man's team scored the tying goal. There were only a few minutes left when Young Man's school mate saw his chance and slipped in the last goal of the night! They finished the evening ahead 4-3. As always, we were extremely proud of the boys. It was great to bring home two very exited players and one sister of an excited player. This win should push the team into first place in the league and that was the highlight of the after-game talk by the coach.

Now it is time for all lacrosse players (and their parents) to sign off for the night.

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