Sunday, May 04, 2008

I Do Not Like Yellow

Or pink. I definitely do not like pink. I have enjoyed painting over every yellow room in my house. Still, several of my recent yarn purchases have been pink and this one is yellow and pink and I HAD to have it when I saw it. Weird.

Project: Thuja, by Bobby Ziegler, in Knitty

Yarn: Austermann Step Duett, Color 55

Needles: US1, 2.25 mm

Notes: Super easy pattern. I changed the heels to shortrows to keep the yarn patterning. It's a very nice variation on a standard ribbing and looks great. They scrunch down when I want them to scrunch, yet stay up when I want them to stay up. The colorway is nice and bright and springy. Maybe I should rename these Happy Socks.

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