Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Season Ends

Young Man and his team finished off his first soccer season in style. They played together very well. They passed, they kicked, they blocked, the listened to their coach(!). Yes, they even won their last game of the season. This was the first time that a team from this little school ever had a winning season in any sport. Not only did they win more than they lost, they ended up at least third in the 11-team league! We should hear the final standings tomorrow. Until then, the team is celebrating third place and a great season. Today's game was a good one. The other team did have a good defense, but Young Man and his friends had a better offense. The final score was 7-3. After five goals, the team was rotated to move the best scorer to defense and to give some defenders a chance at forward. Yes, Young Man moved up to forward and worked his way to the goal until he finally scored!

Just to prove that even winning teams have fun, the team photographers had their hands full getting a team photo.

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