Saturday, January 12, 2008

Winning Saturday Sky
The sky today didn't really look that promising. No rain in the forecast, but the blue was pretty hazy. This is because it was warm (>70°F warm) so the air quality was not as good as we would like. Still, it was an excellent day for lacrosse. Because of the heavy rains last weekend, this was the season opener. The boys have been practicing hard, but they were a little nervous about going up against what has historically been a very tough team. The opposing coach tried some intimidation at the beginning and he certainly out-shouted our coach. Coach W may be quieter than the other coach, but our boys were listening. It was great fun to see the boys passing and running the plays that they had been taught.

Young Man received a long pole for the holidays and he has made good use of it in practice. He ended up playing defense for nearly the entire game. Long poles make checking much easier. Poke checks can be done from a safer distance.

Sometimes he still had to get in close for the block.

In the end, he definitely deserved to wear that smile. His team won the season opener, 4-1! Go, Tigers!

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