Sunday, January 06, 2008

Curl Up With a Book Sunday

Hey, if I want to inaugurate a meme, I can, right? So, here it is, a cold, rainy Sunday, and I have just finished my second book this week. No chance that I will ever challenge Deb for most reading in a month, but I keep up in my own way.

This week, I finished both Emma, by Jane Austen, and 1st to Die by James Patterson. Both are selections from my book club and they are both completely different. The only remote connection between the two is that the heroines in both books were deluded as to who done it, so to speak.

Emma is a delightfully innocent tale of a young matchmaker who is convinced of her own invulnerability to love. She is, of course, mistaken on just about every one of her convictions. Throughout the entire story, she is molded and guided without even being aware of an outside influence. Like all the Jane Austen stories I have read, I giggled several times and even laughed out loud and some of Emma's predicaments. If you have not met Emma, please do yourself a favor and pick this one up for a light, engaging read.

1st to Die is a book that has languished on my nightstand for several years. I am quite embarrassed to admit that I borrowed this from a friend at work and have held on to it for so long that she probably doesn't even remember to whom she loaned it. Once I finally opened the covers, I very nearly could not put it down! Silly me, I could have been enjoying many escapades with the Women's Murder Club. This book has many intriguing twists and turns. I will admit that I figured out the killer before the very end, but not very much before. Having a man write from a woman's perspective was only mildly annoying. Mr. Patterson does a reasonably good job at it. I tended to skip quickly past the gut-wrenching emotional stuff and stick with the murder mystery part. That, he does very well.

Wow, two good books in a row! Now to get through the stacks of management books on my shelf. Hmm, maybe another novel first...

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