Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rain & Randomness

Yes, it is raining quite nicely now. The drive home wasn't dreadful. I was quite surprised. Southern Californians have as a group have a real problem with water falling from the sky. It doesn't happen much, so when it does, people panic. Burma! Yeah, like that.

The bread machine is cranking away at pretzel dough. We sincerely hope that these two new batches are as yummy as the first batch from last night.

What I really want is a nice cup of tea and I blames some certain bloggers for encouraging me to drop my knitting projects and finally make a tea cosy.

Who knew that Lego Star Wars I was faster than Lego Star Wars II? These are the PC versions. Young Man is very happy that his software arrived in the mail (we didn't tell him that it arrived last night - he had homework). I'm just happy to listen to something that isn't the Emperor's hideous chuckle.

And now it is time for the penguin on top of your television set to explode.

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