Saturday, January 19, 2008

Moon in the Saturday Sky

the Moon was up high
the boys played well as a team
they won sudden death

If it is Saturday, it must be lacrosse! Yes, we were back out at the field, our camp chairs and cameras in tow. The chairs saw little use once the game began, but they were useful for keeping backpacks and camera bags off the dirt track that runs around the playing field. After last week's rout, we had warned Young Man that his team would not have it so easy this weekend. This week's opponent was much more experienced than the team they faced last week and we were not certain of the result until the very, very end.

The action was fast and furious. Just after Young Man went in on defense, he made a very nice pass to his teammate.

Later, he continued his excellent defensive play by charging hard even when his man was much larger. In fact, we noticed that the other team scored most of their goals when Young Man was not on the field.

Play continued until the final whistle and the score was tied 7-7. Our coach raced for his printout of new rules that showed Sudden Death Overtime was added for this season. After a quick consultation by the officials, the boys were back on the field. One of our boys won the face off and drove in hard for the score. Young Man's team won 8-7 and earned their celebration.

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