Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I think Sandy and Norma (and others) have a good idea going here. Well, Norma is having a really bad Wednesday, but that didn't stop her from blogging.

My contribution to the Blogosphere today is my own collection of random thoughts:

  • I wonder when I will manage to take down the tree? It's artificial so there are none of those dropping needle issues. The good news is that if I take down the tree, I gain room to put back my favorite knitting chair. The bad news is that I would also take down the train.

  • Who ever thought up Camp Lazlo? More importantly, what were they taking when they did it?

  • On a similar topic, How can kids watch the same episode of a really annoying show over and over and over? I know I did some of that as a kid, but cut me some slack, we only got one TV channel. It was either on or off

  • Young Man is adjusting to a new jersey number for lacrosse. He was #26 for two years and now he is #3. The jerseys are cool. I'm really looking forward to Saturday's game.

Finally, a shot of the Anza Borrego Desert at sunrise from August:

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