Wednesday, January 02, 2008

5 Points for Sheer Dumb Luck*

Mr. Engineer always said that one of the reasons he married me was that I'm lucky (one of the other reasons is my mother's wild blueberry pie, but he hasn't had more of that since well before the wedding, 20+ years ago). I don't always agree with him, but I do seem to have my share of luck.

For example, I have spent the past two weeks cursing my luck and trying to remember at which Michael's I purchased three skeins of Natural Violet SWS because none of the stores that I normally frequent seem to even have a space for it on the rack. Today I had some time to spare while Young Man was at practice and I wandered into the one Michael's in the area that I had not searched and, yes, there it was. Of course, the same dye lot is no where to be found, but I will make do with what I did find. The Palindrome Scarf will now become a reasonable length and I can stop obsessing over it!

In December I really outdid my luck and perhaps used up the better part of 2008's luck in one day. I spent a relaxing day visiting my local quilt shop and running holiday errands. At the local quilt shop, I found a cute kit for making felt ornaments. Then I went to several different stores before getting home. When I unloaded the car, the bag from the quilt shop was no where to be found! I dumped out every single bag and searched through the car with a flashlight. Still nothing.

While sitting on the couch knitting furiously, my mind raged - where could it be? I remembered hearing something drop when I was at Target, so I called the customer service desk. I suspect mine was their most amusing call of the evening, but they could not help me. I went over my entire day's errands in my mind until I thought of the rain. When I came out from the quilt shop, I had dropped the bag on top of my rain coat. The rain didn't start until I was on my way to Target. What if I had dropped the package in the parking lot when I pulled out my rain coat? So, at 8:30 at night, in the dark and rain, I set out for the local Target. I pulled into the parking lot and headed for the area where I had been. As I neared the spot, I spied a small, white bag that wasn't blowing in the wind. Could it be? I stopped and raced for the package, and cheered with joy! Yes, my kit was there and it was unharmed! Score one for tenacity, obsession, and parking in the lesser-used areas of a busy parking area!

* said in one's best McGonagall Brogue, of course

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