Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not My Fault

I meant to blog yesterday. Really, I was planning my entry on the drive home. First, Young Man needed my computer to finish an assignment. Then I needed to print out roster cards for the lacrosse parents. You see, once young men get on their pads, jerseys, and full helmets, they all start to look alike. To assist the parents, I make very nice, laminated cards with the team logo on one side and the list of numbers to names on the other side.

As I was finishing the assembly of the roster cards, the wind outside our house started to really howl. Next thing we knew, the power was fluctuating so wildly that the computers went down and up and down and up. At that point, we shut down all of our electronics. Blogging goals or no blogging goals, a new computer is not in the plan for this month!

This morning, we were in for bigger surprises. As Young Man and I loaded the car for the trek to school we were greeted with bumper-to-bumper traffic on our quiet residential street. The howling winds knocked down several power lines and snapped power line poles on a major street near us. All of the traffic for one direction was detoured through our neighborhood! This was certainly annoying, but far less annoying than the new surprise that we had in the evening. Now the street is closed farther from our neighborhood so even we can't get in easily! It took several tries to find a route that would actually get me home tonight. It seems that we will continue to have extra fun (and need to allow extra time) through the weekend.

All in all, I would rather have been blogging!

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