Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's a Good Day for Frogs

Okay, so my next pair of socks was going to be the lovely basketweave pattern from Marguerite. Since I am obviously unable to count to 64 without proceeding directly to 66, I am not making the basketweave socks (yet). Once I realized that I had a multiple of 6 instead of 8, I opened up Sensational Knitted Socks to see what was there. I've done one repeat of a second choice pattern, but I'm not sure that it is grabbing my fancy. The result seems to look too much like my Uptown Boot Socks. I love those, but don't really want two pair. Off to the frog pond I fear.

My day at work felt much the same as my knitting last night. Why can't we just frog some days? Today was the day for apologies. First I apologized to the person to whom I was quite rude in her meeting yesterday. I still think I was right, but I handled it very poorly (which negates anything gained by being "correct"). By the end of the day I think we were okay, but it will be a long time before we have a smooth working relationship. More apologies ensued as I discovered items I forgot to send and that my out of office memo over the holidays referred people to someone who no longer backs me up. It didn't help at all to learn that the proposal on which I worked over the holidays (when most everyone else at my office was home and the plant shut down) has not just been delayed for a bit, it is going to be on the shelf until the customer can determine just exactly what is wanted.

All in all, I would most definitely like a do-over for today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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