Monday, January 21, 2008

Tut, Tut

Yes, it does look like rain. It did rain a few drops this morning, but mostly it has been a dreary day. Young Man had an extended visit with a friend and I'm sure they made a complete shambles of the playroom and created many fantastic Lego ships for a grand and glorious battle. All that creative energy made me rather jealous as I spent the day working from home. Still, there has been knitting going on in the evenings and this is certainly the type of weather that makes me want to start more projects. Here are the main items currently on the needles:
The current socks are a pair of Twin Rib socks using a skein of Opal Rodeo that I picked up shortly after I started knitting socks. The texture almost seems too much for the yarn, but it definitely needed more than a basic 6x2 ribbing.

This mostly shapeless blob is the better part of the body of my Gathered Pullover. The yarn was purchased at my very first bag sale. It took me two years to find the right pattern. I do hope this works as it currently seems rather large. The bottom also rolls up even more than I thought it would.

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