Friday, June 20, 2008

What Norma Wants, Norma Gets

The intrepid leader of the Garden Along 2008 has declared that Friday is the day to show garden progress. I can't argue with that directive. Okay, so I probably won't post garden photos every Friday. I'm not a complete lemming.

Here is my garden as of this evening. It isn't very big and there isn't a lot going on in there this year. There are three tomato plants and four peppers. One of the tomatoes is a Roma variety and one of the peppers has a spicy nature. Actually, there are four tomato plants, but I don't think one will produce fruit. I have a volunteer growing just outside the garden. I fear that its days are numbered. If it weren't so beastly hot here, he probably would have been mown down today. As I reported Wednesday, the first tomato has already been picked. I harvested a couple of peppers over a week ago. They were yummy.

Harumph! My apologies to anyone reaching this point on the Garden Along webring and then getting stuck. For some reason, the buttons aren't working. I'm sure there is a fix and I'll find it.

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