Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Breaks & Breaking

I am seriously pondering why I persist in posting every day. It's not like anyone out there is reading this, so I am obviously doing it for myself. I have managed to post every day this year (more or less, I have at least journaled each day even if I have had a couple of technical difficulties in blogging). This is now a habit. Habits can be good or bad. I'm thinking that I may need to take a break from this habit to work on instilling a new one. I am not fit and really do need to be if I am going to continue keeping up with an amazingly active child. Tomorrow will be Booking Through Thursday, so I won't take a break then. There may be some eye candy out there for Friday and Saturday is, of course, lacrosse. Okay, so the break isn't coming that soon. Perhaps the end of the month would be a good time.

As for breaking, Marguerite has the best "breaking" news of all. You simply must go see her hatchling photos. Most impressive.

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Guernseygal said...

Never fear! there are some of us lurking out here :-)