Sunday, June 01, 2008

Revisiting the Game

Saturdays are lacrosse days for this family. Young Man and his team had last weekend off, but they were back on the field on Saturday. For a change, they had an afternoon game so I was able to take photos through the entire game. Unfortunately for my shutter finger, the game was a nail biter so I spent more time watching than clicking.

This was the second time Young Man's team faced this opponent. The first time, our boys were hot and tired after one game and faced these boys in the second game of the day. This time, they couldn't claim that they were too tired, but two weeks of not playing together really showed. Each of the boys on Young Man's team was playing well individually, but they just couldn't come together to play as a team. The opposing team was very good at finding and exploiting weaknesses. They made goal after goal by catching our defense out of position. Still, the score was tied at the half. The third quarter started out well, but the fourth quarter was painful to watch. The final score was 4-8 and the Crush parents had some disappointed boys for the long drive home.

The boys have one more game in the regular season. Even with this latest lost, they are in the top three and it is a close race. The team that one this weekend is in first place, but they have played fewer games than the other teams. I think all the parents are ready for the regular season to be over. We have been told that there will be some additional practices before the summer tournaments. Everyone agrees that they are sorely needed.

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