Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Saturday, another lacrosse game. This was the last game of the regular season and the boys had high hopes of better scores than last week. It was a glorious, sunny day. Game time was moved up from 7:00 p.m. all the way to 11:00 a.m. There was a nice breeze as the parents set up and the boys warmed up. The first quarter went by quickly with no goals scored by either team. It seemed like a pretty even match, but I did have a nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right. The scene above seemed to happen way too often. One defender with the goalie fending off a close approach. The flip side was that our boys weren't getting close to the goal.

During the second quarter, the opposing team got two goals. Young Man had an excellent breakaway run where he got to show off his long pole cradling skills and cleared the ball at the centerline. He was moving out!

The third and fourth quarters were much the same as the second. Our boys just couldn't get close enough and their long shots didn't get through. Young Man had another breakaway and showed how well he can fly. The final score was 0-5 and the boys headed out disappointed, but looking forward to the summer tournaments. Team practices start on the 23rd and Young Man is also in lacrosse camp the last week of June. The boys all have the raw skills, they just need time together to practice their passing and dodging.

Fly, my son, fly!

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