Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Summer Saturday Sky

Today's Saturday Sky is brought to you courtesy of Air Conditioning. The entire family made a frontal assault on the lawn work this morning and are now enjoying the view from inside the cozy, cool house. The curb appeal was greatly enhanced (i.e., the house no longer looks abandoned) and Young Man earned $2 for digging up thistles from the back yard. Yes, I do pay him for jobs that are above and beyond the norm. I also really hate thistles.

Today is also the first day for the Summer of Socks campaign. I cast on just after midnight (EDT, so it was 9 p.m. here), but I have already ripped out my start. I was going to begin with the wonderful pattern that Wendy created for us, but it really doesn't work with my yarn so I'm going back to a tried-and-true basic quickie pattern. It has been over a week since I had socks on the needles and it felt really weird!

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