Friday, February 01, 2008

Time Off?

Today was Mr. Engineer's off Friday and he was home puttering (when his work wasn't interrupting). I figured he would call some time during the day to tell me what he was doing. Sure enough, he called just after noon.

Me (seeing who it is thanks to caller id): Hello there!
Mr. Engineer: What do you think about remodeling the bathroom now?
Me: What did you do?

I knew he planned to do some plumbing, but I thought he was going to work on the drain to our bathroom sink (slow draining and the doohicky that connects the drain plug to the plunger thingy isn't connected). No, he apparently decided to change the shower head in our bathroom. I didn't know that it needed replacing, but okay, I'm game. As he was turning things, suddenly something gave way. The pipe is now broken in the wall!

Good things:

  • The break is between the control and the shower head so we have water to the rest of the house
  • We have two showers so impact would be tolerable
  • The bathroom needs remodeling
Bad things:

  • I really wanted a new kitchen, and this will delay that (but might get us back in the remodeling habit)
  • This was not how I had planned spending this weekend

Mr. Engineer called again a few hours later to tell me that he came up with a solution. If we remove the mirror in Young Man's bathroom, we can go in through that wall, fix the pipe, and then put the mirror back to hide the hole until we really remodel both bathrooms. Also, I learned that Mr. Engineer was swapping out the shower head to get a higher head on it (not surprising since the old one hits him in the neck and forces him to duck down to actually rinse) and the hardware store guy warned him that this might happen.

Mr. Engineer then took inventory in the garage to determine what supplies he needs from the hardware store. It really isn't a home improvement project unless you have at least two trips to the hardware store.

Ah, well, it looks like we might have an interesting weekend or two ahead of us. Until then, we will just enjoy the evening sky:

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