Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Wonderful Day

Young Man had a really good day on Saturday. So did his parents, but it was really Young Man's day. Besides the normal good things like second breakfast, he received a shockingly good report card. His cards are always good, but even Young Man was surprised by some of the grades on this one. Then, he was a true helper to Mr. Engineer with the Great Plumbing Project. Young Man had several helpful solutions to problems and his ideas worked very well. He also showed us that he has been paying attention to all the engineering-ish shows that we watch (Mythbusters, Modern Marvels, Some Assembly Required) in that he was able to fire back answers to Mr. Engineers quizzes on why they did certain things (e.g., the reason for draining the water from the pipe in the wall before attempting to solder the new pipe section to the old). One of my friends remarked that our family is kinda scary. We admit it. Still, it is a good kind of scary, the kind you want when things start going wrong.

The good day continued as we headed for the lacrosse fields. The clouds cleared and the boys had a bright, sunny day for playing. Young Man and his teammates were very concerned about their first game. Young Man's team is made up of mostly fifth grade boys with a few sixth grade boys. This is because the sixth grade boys are mostly siphoned off of the club teams to play on middle school teams. Their opponents in the first game were the sixth grade boys who played for the local middle school. Even more disconcerting, Young Man's team had faced this very team in a practice scrimmage last week and the results were, um, distressing to the egos of our boys with their unbeaten streak.

Early play showed that nerves were still rattled from that scrimmage as point after point crossed into our goal. The boys soon settled down and began to make up some ground. The final score was 8 to 5 and the unbeaten streak ended. Given that most of our boys are shorter and less experienced than the other team, all the parents think that they did a great job! One of the amusing subplots in today's game was that Young Man spent the first half of the game guarding one of his schoolmates and good friends. The friend's mother and I, who are also good friends, had a fun time standing next to each other while cheering on our respective boys as they competed against each other.

The sun and the temperature went down and the boys all moved to another field so that play could continue under the lights. As suspected, even my new camera couldn't cope well with play under the lights. The boys, however held up very well. Their opponents in this game were better matched with our boys in size and experience. However, the opposing team played a much more physical game than our boys. It was a very exciting game as play moved from end to end and the parents kept nearly as warm as the boys by cheering. As the final horn blew, we were again faced with a tie score, 5 to 5. One of the fathers from the opposing team mentioned how much he liked the new sudden death rule. I noticed that he didn't say much a minute later when our boys pulled it out again. Yes, these boys play very well under pressure! Another face off and a few very determined boys later and Young Man's team had won 6 to 5!

We poured Young Man out of the car and into the shower just after 10 p.m. He was exhausted and very, very happy.

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