Saturday, February 02, 2008

In Honor of Brigid

Today is the Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading. As I turned to go into the house last night, this gorgeous cloud, painted by the setting sun, caught my eye.

Any Sunset

There's something about the going down of the sun,
Whether it makes a bonfire of a cloud,
Or, too obscure and lonely to be proud,
Sinks on the nearest rooftop, and is gone.
There's something, not of color nor of size,
In the mere going, in the calm descent,
Half out of heaven and half imminent;
Final, as though it never again would rise

There's something in its very noiselessness,
Unlike mad waters or the winds that shout
Their end in one last agony of excess;
Something that does not count its days nor deeds,
But trusts itself to darkness and goes out
And finds whatever after-life it needs

- Louis Untermeyer

If you are looking for lacrosse news, do not despair. It is partly cloudy today, but the games (yes, two) should be on. Young Man has one game at 3:00 and a second at 8:45 (yes, p.m.). In between, Mr. Engineer and I have a 25th anniversary party to attend. This means that sports reporting will mostly likely not happen until Sunday.

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Teresa C said...

Great choice of poem!