Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Writer's Block

I'm listening to Young Man and his pitiful story about how he can't think of anything at all to write in his composition on expeditions to study Black Rhinos. Every suggestion offered by Mr. Engineer and me has been rejected and Young Man is convinced that there is absolutely nothing that he can write about. I do understand this feeling. It comes over me regularly now that I have started blogging every single day. Did you notice? I have already far surpassed my total number of posts made in 2007 and am setting my sights on the 2006 total.

Even with these lofty goals, I did not sign up for the Blog 365 group. That much committment was too much for me. I know that I will have days where no posts will be made. Hopefully, this will be due to vacationing somewhere that has no internet access. I suppose if I were feeling particularly techie, I would switch to a new host where I could pre-write posts and then automatically upload them or something. Silly Blogger won't even let me save a draft and retrieve it. Spell check isn't working either. This is what I get for going the frugal route. I will just go as far as I can and then perhaps a bit farther. No pressure. I also get the enjoyment of seeing what Norma, Teresa, and Sandy have come up with each day.

Then again, some days I have to just stop and view the flowers.

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