Friday, February 15, 2008

Gathered Pullover

Okay, I love this sweater. Really, I do! I've made a few sweaters now and even a few for me, but they never seem to work out. This one isn't perfect, but I really like it.

Pattern: Gathered Pullover from Interweave Knits
Yarn: Baruffa 7 Settembre in a blue/gold/purple tweedy mix
Needles: US 7
Notes: I pretty much stuck with the pattern on this one. I should have paid more attention to my row gauge as the sweater relaxed even more than I expected upon washing. I added a bit to the body and sleeve length because bare midriffs are not a good idea for someone of my age and stature and my arms are extremely long (really, I've been measured and they are in the 80th percentile for women). I am really happy with the length of the body, but the sleeves are maybe just a little too long. Still, they are not so long that I would reknit them. Happy, happy, happy!


Shannon said...

Beautiful! I hope mine turns out as well! (I came here from Ravlery!)

Marguerite said...

Very nice. Love that pattern and the sweater looks great on you. Hope you have many pleasant days wearing it.