Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Cold

No, it is not cold here. Get real, we live in Southern California. The worst it gets is chilly. Today the highs were in the the low 60s, but it was a dreary day. It started out well with pretty clouds against a blue sky. The sky quickly progressed to dreary grey by game time. This would not have been a terrible thing (it made photography easy) if it weren't for the decline in Young Man's health that seemed to correlate. Young Man is the one with a cold. Throughout the morning he vacillated between wanting to stay home, wanting to play, and wanting to go but stay on the sidelines. We packed up the party bus with Young Man's gear and sticks, but he stayed in jeans and a T. All were happy to see a good turn out for the game and opponents who were reasonably sized. Young Man's gear stayed in the van, the sticks came out for sideline play, and we were ready for the second to last game of the season. By game time, Young Man did consent to wear a sweatshirt and the onset of a light rain made him happy that he did! As the day progressed, we were all happy that Young Man declined to play as he is obviously under the weather.

Young Man spent most of the game either on the sideline with his team or over by the parents. We are quite sure that he enjoyed being with the team more than being with the parents. He did smile (in a tween way) when I pointed out that he now knows what the parents are yelling during the game. He told me last week that he can't really hear us when he is on the field. That might be just as well. We keep it clean, but we are proud of our boys.

It was refreshing for the parents to see our boys go up against a team that was more evenly matched to our team in size. That didn't stop our coaches from looking nervous during some of the plays. Our boys used their speed and agility to rack up several unanswered points.

The other team was not about to give up easily. They were capable players and were very good at retrieving loose balls. Still, the fierce intensity that our boys displayed could not be matched today. Rain didn't even seem to slow the boys down, although it did seem to make the ball a little "slippery." The parents had to admit that they lost track of the score. The coaches were just as bad. We know that we won and we think that the score was 9-5, but that might not be correct. It could just as easily have been 8-5 or 9-6. We aren't worried. The boys played another great game and gave it their all.

Young Man was relieved to see that more than enough players were suited up and ready to play and that his team was able to get along without him. Of course, his parents are convinced that fewer goals would have been scored had Young Man been on the field, but we well understand that he isn't the only great defensive player on the team. I am not joking when I say that these boys give it their all.

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