Monday, February 04, 2008

Curl Up With a Book Sunday (Monday Edition)

Yes, I'm all mixed up. What with the late games on Saturday and the Big Game on Sunday (who would have thought that a Super Bowl game would be interesting?), I didn't write about any books yesterday.

Today's entry is one that I read last year and really liked. As seems to be my luck, I discover an author only to be forced to say goodbye too soon. A year ago, a friend of mine requested some Margaret Truman mysteries for a gift exchange. Intrigued, I picked up a copy of Murder in the White House for myself. Some reviewers have been less than complementary to this initial book in the Capital Crimes series. I thought it was fabulous. I had a wonderful time keeping up with the turns of the plot while generally finding the characters believable and well enough developed for me stay interested. There are so many other books on my list that I didn't get back to Ms. Truman's. Last week I learned that there will be no more novels from this talented writer. Ms. Truman passed away on 29 January. I must have been the last mystery reader on earth to discover her writing while remaining completely clueless about her famous father. If you enjoy mysteries and a bit of fictional (or is it?) political intrigue, this series may be for you.

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Teresa C said...

Oooh, I'll be looking for those books, I love a mystery.

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