Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Sky and a Baby Beanie

It is a gorgeous day with not a cloud in the sky, but this picture is from Thursday. Hey, it's Saturday, there is a sky, but Thursday's sunrise was far more interesting than today's. It should be a gorgeous day for lacrosse, but the game isn't until 3:00 p.m. We are also probably going to go to a college lacrosse game tonight so we should be good and tired by the time we get home tonight. Today I'll just have to recap yesterday's fun.

After the Gathered Pullover photo shoot, we had our quarterly visit with our financial advisor. I always feel better after that. It's good to know that we are on track with our savings goals and that I won't have to work as Ms. Engineer forever. Not that I don't like my job, mind you, it's just that there are so many other fun things to do. It's also nice to know that I can indulge my vices without worrying. That's pretty funny actually. My vices are quite tame in the grand scheme. Just because I buy sock yarn much like some other addicts buy crack doesn't mean there is a problem. At least the side effect of my addiction is that I and all the people around me will have warm feet.

We had a lovely lunch at Tacone Grill. I had a Thai Cone wrap and it was delicious! Chicken with a hint of peanut sauce and a cucumber salad with jasmine rice. Yummy. Mr. Engineer had a Mambo wrap with a side of Sweet Potato fries. Yes, I swiped a few of his fries, but it was better for me than having an entire serving all to myself. Next time, I think I will convince Mr. Engineer to split an entree with me because an entire wrap was too much. We also had a little side trip to fondle over-priced tech goodies at Best Buy.

Mr. Engineer had no desire to follow me to the yarn store so I dropped him off at home while I took the Gathered Pullover back to the store from whence came its yarn. The Yarn Lady in Laguna Hills has a fabulous selection of yarns and goodies. The prices, well, they are retail, but they aren't higher than that. My other reason for going there was that they carry Noro Silk Garden and I am a sheep. Yes, I wanted four balls to make a striped scarf like Jared's. Unfortunately, while Yarn Lady has many lovely shades of Noro, I had a very difficult time finding two that seemed to color coordinate in a way that pleased me. I did buy some and I will make the scarf. I just hope it works out.

While there, I remembered that I have another niece expecting another baby so I wandered through the baby yarns looking for something soft and washable. This niece already has some children, so I know that easy care is a must for a busy mother. I found a new to me yarn from Plymouth called Jeannee. It is a cotton acrylic blend that is machine washable. It is also really soft and delightful to knit. I picked a delicate lilac for the new little girl on the way.

Project: Bananahead's Baby Beanie, by Vibegrrl
Yarn: Jeanne by Plymouth in 0023, lilac
Needles: US4 dpns
Notes: Very easy pattern and way cute hat! The yarn was soft and not overly splitty (well, no more splitty that other cotton yarns that I've used). Next up will be a cute, little sweater.

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