Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Meme - Spring Cleaning

From That's My Answer: Yesterday I scrubbed the floors, by hand, on my knees. I can’t wait to hire a cleaning service, as I’m a neat freak, but it seems that I have to be neat for my entire household — something that it’s starting to be nearly impossible with work, grad school, and oh, there’s this little thing called free time too.
When is the last time you cleaned your home? Would you ever hire a cleaning service?

How timely! I cleaned my house (okay, I didn't scrub floors) this weekend! The house was a disaster after a month of sewing. I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning my craft room and the drifts of fabric that had extended out into the family room. On Sunday I actually vacuumed and dusted while Mr. Engineer took Young Man out to shop for a new long pole. There is still more cleaning to be done, but the house looks much better.

As for cleaning services, we did have a housecleaner for a time when Young Man was a toddler. That was really nice. At this point we aren't keeping the house neat enough for a housecleaner! The drifts of Legos make it difficult to clean. Yes, yes, the yarn and fabric bits don't help either.

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