Sunday, April 27, 2008

It Was a Great Night of Lacrosse

The evening started off with new shorts and some intensive coaching by the head coach. It was still very hot, but the boys listened intently and proved later that they were paying attention. The parents were the only ones who got any shade for this first game. We were warm, but could only imagine what the boys were dealing with out in the sun.

Even with the heat, the boys showed lots of hustle. Young Man was on his game and showing his stuff with his new long pole. Defense was name of the game during this match. The opposing team was good, very good. Our boys just didn't let them get too close to the goal. The final score was 5-0, but that score really didn't tell how hard Young Man's team had to work for that score.

After the first game, the boys stripped off their soggy jerseys and the hoard wandered over to the parents' side of the field to forage. The parents are all experienced and were able to handle the hungry swarm. We had water, oranges (some of those 25 lbs. that Young Man had carried earlier), watermelon, grapes, granola bars, and chocolate filled Joe-Joes. The boys headed back to their side of the field ready for play.

It was a bit cooler for the second game, but our boys were still hot and tired. This opposing team was fresh and quite a bit bigger on average than the first team. There were some amazing plays including one where #13 came out of no where to scoop up a dropped ball and flip it into the goal. At the half, it was a tie game, 2-2. The third quarter was a battle of defense as no one scored.

The fourth quarter included even exciting plays and one that had all the parents shaking their heads as we didn't even see the boys gain possession after the face-off, yet they kept the ball moving to the goal until they scored. We watched one boy pour on the speed late in the game and we all wondered where he managed draw that from. With under five minutes to go in the game, our boys lead 4-3 and the parents were on their feet cheering. Still the heat and the intensity of playing two hard games was too much. The opposing team made two quick goals in the last two minutes and left the final score 4-5.

It was a great game to watch and all the boys could be proud of their effort. These two teams will face off again in about a month and both teams will be fresh for that match. It should be another exciting game.

Heads up: This next week will feature a parade of finished items!

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