Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kicks, Jumps, and Twirls

Last night, I remarked that our laundry room looks like it belongs to an athlete. There were several sets of jerseys and shorts hanging to dry. The reason that it looks like an athlete lives here is because he does! I've said it before, but I am still amazed that Young Man is coordinated and athletic. I do hope that he inherited Mr. Engineer's knees along with his eyesight.

This spring, Young Man has joined the soccer team at his school. They play intramural games with other small private schools in the county. This is his first year on a soccer team and we are all very impressed. He plays defense because he really has that gift for stopping other players from scoring. I have been lucky enough to juggle my schedule until I could attend two of his games. On Tuesday, the team played their third match and tied it at 3-3. Today, they won 8-0!

He brings the same intensity to soccer that he brings to lacrosse. It is amazing to watch and more than a little surprising to people who know that he hasn't played soccer before.

Okay, so where are the twirls? Well, I needed to come down slowly after sewing all those costumes. One cannot just go cold turkey, you know. Young Man's cousin loves twirly skirts and dresses and it will be spring in her part of the country some day soon. It was time for a sundress!

Pattern: McCalls 5572

Fabric: A fun seersucker from JoAnns

Notes: Definitely not a beginner pattern, but it was not that difficult. I modified several things. Some were accidental (size 7 and up was supposed to have a 9-inch zipper, not a 7-inch) and some were on purpose. I detest hand sewing (it gives me tendonitis flares) so I add a bit of extra topstitching.

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