Friday, April 18, 2008

A Friday List

1. I was very happy wearing my new sweater that is covered in birds. That may sound gaudy, but I think it is nice. It is certainly not something I can wear every week, but it was a nice spring pickup.

2. Only four costume pieces needed updates after today's dress rehearsal. This made me extremely happy.

3. That three of the four pieces needed updates because they were "scratchy" makes me less happy because that is such a difficult thing to fix. I am adding linings to several things that were never intended to be lined. Two of these are purchased items and retrofitting linings has been tricky. I will succeed. Shoot, the biggest one (Glinda's dress) is already finished.

4. If I get to costuming right away in the morning, I will be able to drop all the updates off at the theater during the main cast dress rehearsal. Yay!

5. Tomorrow we return to lacrosse after a weekend off. This will be good.

6. Tomorrow we have to drive to south county for our game because some conscience-challenged people removed the copper wiring from the lighting system at the sports park. No lights = no night games. In fact, the entire park is closed while it is investigated and repaired. Is it cruel to hope that the thieves received some shocks during their actions? Nothing lethal, just a little therapy.

7. I am going to try to think more charitable thoughts now.

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