Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - Spring

10 Things You’re Looking Forward to in the Spring

1. Neighbor time after work where we unwind while sitting in our neighbors' front yard with glasses of our favorite beverages. That this is coming earlier this year is the only good thing to come of moving DST up.

2. Tortoises waking up from hibernation. As annoying as it is to find tortoise poop outside the back door, I do enjoy seeing a tortoise tanking around the back yard.

3. Kaffir Lillies blooming (like they are doing right now outside my front door).

4. Driving home from work without needing headlights on.

5. Easter brunch at El Torito with the same gang of friends with whom we spend Thanksgiving and Christmas.

6. Knitty Spring, even if it gave me way too many ideas of things that I must knit now.

7. Hummingbirds (we do see some year round, but there will be lots more soon).

8. Baseball season!

9. Grilling season (again, it never really ends here, but we use the grill for a lot more when we don't want to turn on the oven).

10. New tomato plants in the garden.

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