Thursday, March 06, 2008

Booking Through Thursday - Hero

You should have seen this one coming … Who is your favorite Male lead character? And why?

Yes, I should have seen this one coming, but I didn't. I was completely unprepared and that has been happening a lot lately. Since taking my first thought worked reasonably well for me last week, I am going to employ the same tactic this week.

If I thought long and hard about this, I would probably come up with an extensive list of favorite male characters. When I first read this post, I only thought of one. You have to promise not to laugh. Please? Okay, I am about to destroy any street cred I ever imagined that I had with the "seriouse readers" among us when I say that for years, my favorite male lead character has been Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy novels. I know, I know. His character isn't fully formed and no one could ever do all the things that he does. Still, who doesn't want a dashing hero who can save the world over and over even though he started out as a geek? He values his incredibly smart wife and loves his children and his country. How he has time for the family is anyone's guess since he is out running all over the world and ending up President!

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pussreboots said...

I haven't read any of Clancy's novels but I probably will one of these days. Thanks for stopping by. Happy BTT.