Saturday, March 08, 2008

Foggy, Foggy Day

Technically, this isn't a Saturday Sky photo, but it is a sky photo posted on Saturday. This was the view out our back door on Thursday morning. Today, the sky is hazy blue with a few wisps of clouds. It feels very strange not to have a game on the schedule.
I spent two hours knitting and reading at the dealership getting the first oil change done in my van. I am not at all upset about it taking two hours on a busy Saturday. I do wish that the service writer had told me that it was going to take more than an hour. As much as I did like the knitting time, there were many other things I would have liked to have done this morning. I was also not at all amused that I had to have the cashier check the status for me. My van was mysteriously finished as soon as I asked the question. It still needs a good wash. I suppose I can spend another half hour waiting at the car wash. Maybe I should cast on for a new sock first.

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