Monday, March 17, 2008

Just When You Thought... was safe to go near the lacrosse fields, spring season comes along! Yes, we are going forward with a second season of lacrosse this year. The county league is going to sponsor a spring season and several teams have signed up. The trick for us this time is that our favorite coach's program isn't the same old club team where everyone plays. A week ago, Young Man had to actually try out for the spring team. Mom did a little trickery. See, I know Young Man and I know how he will talk himself out of things if he knows all the details. I told him that there were tryouts and I told him it was a 5/6 team. I just didn't tell him the name of the 5/6 team. As we drove away from the tryouts, he said in an awestruck voice that he didn't realize that he was trying out for that team. I asked him if he would have wanted to try out if he had known. He honestly answered that he wouldn't have, but he was glad that he did!

I'm not a coach, but I thought that Young Man did awfully well during the tryouts. As usual, he was the smallest boy on the field, but he was fierce in his defense of the goal and in his charging for the goal when he had the ball. I had sent an email to the coach beforehand assuring him that I understood if Young Man wasn't picked and that our goal was for it to be a learning experience to show that there are other opportunities for playing beyond the club team. By the end of the tryout, I was starting to think that there might actually be a chance for him to make the team. Still, my goal was met when Young Man started talking about "when" he plays for the local middle school team next year (this was a first).

We still haven't officially heard from the coach, but Young Man's name is listed on the roster on the league website for the team. I think that counts! So, Saturdays will be filled with lacrosse games starting in April and the camera will be charged and ready for action.

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