Friday, March 28, 2008

Flick4Friday - Favorite Vacation Movie

Okay, technically, this is last week's Flick4Friday, but I didn't play last week and there isn't a new one up today. Besides, I'm turning this one around. I suspect that the intent was to post a favorite movie about a vacation, but I can't think of any vacation-themed movies that I actually like. Instead, I'm going to post my favorite movie to watch when I am on vacation. That is a really easy question. The favorite movie for the entire Engineers Anonymous-California Chapter to watch on vacation is hands down The Princess Bride. It is also one of the favorites of all chapters of Engineers Anonymous. In fact, one year at our annual retreat, three of the four families brought copies of it to watch! It's nice to share humor with good friends.

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Dan said...

Great choice! The flick4friday was intentionally vague. A movie you watch on vacation was a great way to interpret the prompt. Thanks for playing. Sorry, I didn't update. There's a new one up today though!