Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lions and Monkeys and Guardians, Oh, My!

There has been way too much sewing here for much blogging to take place. This weekend resulted in 6 new berets for the Guardians of the Gate (and, man, are the boys in those roles going to hate the tunics, but they will look great) as well as modifications to two dresses for crows and one munchkin. The Tin Man (girl) has a zipper in her costume. The Wicked Witch has a dress that just needs sleeves and a cape. Auntie Em has a dress and only needs an apron. The Cyclone dancer has a fabric for an excellent cape. The Scarecrow has a shirt and burlap for pants. The Flying Monkeys got their caps last week and now just need vests. Super Pfaff is holding up well.

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