Sunday, August 03, 2008

Feeling Good, Feeling Free

It is still a great week! Young Man continues on his quest for independence and occasionally brushed teeth and I am a woman without responsibilities. It is a very strange feeling. This is something that I have not experienced in more years than I can remember. Young Man really doesn't need me this week. He needs to know that I am just a phone call away, but he doesn't need (or really want) me on site except for games. Work is fully covered by others and I don't even have my work laptop with me. Mr. Engineer is doing extremely well without us (even if he is a bit lonely). I'm told that there are 13 pints of salsa from our garden that have been canned and that Young Man's bathroom is spotless. Maybe we should take more trips!

Today, Young Man played two scrimmage games and the teams went on what was to be just a hike, but which turned into a mud hike. One of the other parents was around when the boys returned and he reported that the boys and their clothing came back much worse for wear. I understand that some laundry may be in order. Still, I'm not being asked to do it! I have heard mention of frogs and am interested in that story. I understand that one was caught, but the boys decided that it was a better idea to let it go than to bring it back to camp. Why do I have the feeling that Young Man may have been involved with that adventure?

So, just what does someone on vacation, really on vacation, do with herself? Some of the parents are going to Cooperstown tomorrow. Others are thinking water park and/or Six Flags. I'm still playing it by ear.

Given all the fabulous meals that I've been having, I'm thinking some walking is in order. If you are ever in the Lake George/Glens Falls area, I highly recommend Luisa's Italian Bistro. It's a little hard to find (several different GPS units failed us completely), but well worth the effort. We had received several recommendations for restaurants and one very nice person pointed out that most of those were really geared for tourists and not repeat customers. This is the restaurant that she recommends to people who want to come back.

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