Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sixth Sense with a Twist

What better reason for two posts in one day than to share another pair of socks off the needles!

Pattern: Sixth Sense from the 6Sox Knitalong

Yarn: Regia Cotton (34% cotton), Surf Color 5413 (tropical)

Needles: US1 dpns

Notes: This is a fun pattern (thanks, Susan) that seems to knit up nicely in all the colorways that the KAL gang can find. Mine bring me thoughts of boat drinks and sunny days.

Deviations: Much of my sock knitting is done at work over lunch. I must have been flustered the day that I turned the hem for the first sock. I liked how it looked, but it seemed different from the picture in the pattern. I continued, but the differences were more obvious as I started seeing all the other socks being knit by the group. When I was waaaaaaay down on the foot, I realized that I had managed to turn the sock around and inside out when I turned the hem. Thus, I had stockinette showing with a little purl edge instead of the reverse stockinette that was designed. I liked it so I decided to repeat it for the second sock. (Okay, so I just didn't want to frog an almost finished sock! Sue me.) The fun began when I realized that I had also made two additional errors on the cuff (one fewer purl row and one missing knit row just after the hem was turned). In the end, I'm happy and my feet are happy.


Patti said...

Couldn't find any errors looking from here, just a nice pair of summery socks.

Tallguy said...

Hehehe -- sometimes many of the world's best discoveries were because of "accidents". As long as you make both of them the same, who's to say you didn't plan it that way? Way to go!!