Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend at Gryffindor

With all the fancy schmancy socks that I've been knitting, I completely forgot how quickly I can whip up a simple pair.

Socks - Weekend at Gryffindor
Pattern - Basic sock with 56 stitch tubular cast on and stockinette
Yarn - Regia Nation
Needles - US 1
Destination - Young Man's feet (I know, they will never look this good again.
Notes - Okay, so these aren't really HP socks, but this was a quick, easy pair of socks that is definitely close enough for an eight year old.

Next up is a progress shot of my New England socks from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. These are being knit on US 0 needles in Brown Sheep Wildfoote. This is the first time that I've knit with size 0 needles and, man, it takes forever to see progress! The weekend break with the US1 needles was a shocker. That one size difference is huge!

Finally, it's a progress shot of my FLAK. I know, it's about time! This is in Brown Sheep Nature Spun in Blueberry. The yarn is nice and soft. I am loving this and learning so much! Janet has done a very nice thing with this pattern and her guidance.


FemiKnitMafia said...

Oh ... everything looks great! I love those New England socks! And I discovered FLAK a couple weeks ago and had to seriously resist. It looks like such fun! Can't wait to see more progress photos.

Jane said...

Wonderful projects - I do love a simple sock. Your FLAK sweart is looking good.

Ruth said...

I love the color of the New England socks ... I got about 4" of that pattern knit and then had to rip back. I wanted to weep ... 4" on size 0 needles is nothing to sneeze at.

Rebecca said...

I've chickened out on BOTH of these patterns (New England and FLAK) rock!....good for you!

Jennifer said...

Your HP socks are super cute. It's making me wonder if you could find the other three house colors in Regia. I've seen green and white Regia nation.